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works2Many cities are looking at the option of natural gas vehicles. With new federal funding available and an obvious cost savings over a diesel or gasoline powered fleet, it is a viable choice. However the garages where these busses or other vehicles are serviced, do need to be modified. Below are some details of a CNG PUBLIC WORKS GARAGE UPGRADE we did for the City of Nashua NH.

Scope of Work

Design-Build a NFPA and Bus-Garage Code Compliant separated CNG Repair Bay in the BPW Garage, 9 Stadium Dr. Nashua, NH; the upgrade of the garage bay (2500 SF) included common separation walls, doors and glazing meeting 2 HR Fire Rating; provide an intrinsically safe area in 18″ space below ceiling and a Gas Detection and Control System. Specifically:

*Separation Walls – 2 Hr Fire Rated :

   >   6’ high CMU wall with drywall above to ceiling

   > 14’ W OVHD Common Door/3 Hr Rated with Explosion proof motor and fire links

   >  2 Hr Rated Mandoors

*Provide an Intrinsically safe area 18″ below Ceiling :

   >  Relocate all electrical conduits, fixtures, outlets and lighting 24″ below ceiling

*Wall & Roof Exhaust Fans to Provide Five(5) Air Changes per Hour (ACH)

*Steam Unit Heater

*Replace Exterior OVHD Door Motors with Explosion Proof Motors

*Gas Monitoring and Control System

   >  Gas Monitoring Control Panel with 911 Dialer, Audible & Visible alarms

   >  Control panel to activate OVHD Doors & Exhaust Fans

   >  4 LPG Gas Sensors

Project was Federally Funded and Construction was Davis-Bacon Act Wage Rate compliant.

Work was 100% bonded.

     Also, this Design & Build Project was completed on-time, at Contract Cost (no change orders) and with quality workmanship. The quality, detail and responsiveness of the Design-Build Team and the outstanding cooperation of the BPW Garage Staff promoted the successful Project Delivery.

We would be pleased to provide services for your CNG Garage Upgrade.

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